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Aug 10th, 2014 by beertent at 11:29 pm

I  know.

I'm sorry.

You guys wanted a World's Preview Show. We did that. Promise.

But we also did some other stuff.

Special thanks to Michelle Livingston of for spending her time educating us.


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Jul 17th, 2014 by beertent at 12:10 am

Big Rab makes his triumphant return to the Tent.

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Jun 21st, 2014 by beertent at 12:25 am

Oh, and there was a little competition overseas, too....

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May 17th, 2014 by beertent at 8:47 pm


I know. It's late.

But it's been supersized!

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Mar 3rd, 2014 by beertent at 6:20 pm

Hear an interview with the guys from the Kevin Blandford Memorial Pipeband recorded live from the Flagstaff games.

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Feb 5th, 2014 by beertent at 6:11 pm

Podcasting is hard....

But we are not gone, promise!

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Dec 18th, 2013 by beertent at 7:02 pm

But it will be worth it!

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Dec 1st, 2013 by beertent at 1:25 pm

Or not so??

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Sep 30th, 2013 by beertent at 4:35 pm

We do not shut up. Honestly.

Controversy, for the first time!

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Aug 31st, 2013 by beertent at 12:10 pm

Two days?


The FM?

What a weekend!

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